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Complete House Hunting Solutions Without Any Brokerage

NxtDen provides profitable deals on some undeniable and amazing houses on rent. With the desire and passion to facilitate our clients with cost effective and spacious spaces to live and spend their lives in, NxtDen is up with beautiful rented homeswhich, in the present times, areup for rent.
These rented spacesappear to open gates for several economies in Delhi and Gurgaon. Modern and classy facilities like food courts, gym, spa, assured safety and security services, parks, jogging tracks, branded retail outlets and many more services have sparkled up this space. And yes, all of these are available by just paying rent for your space. NxtDen has selected this space for its clients to give them the best of experiences in the form of rent for residential spaces.

Select that one house as your place of accommodation or call it your home from a wide range of flats and rooms on rent. We have well furnished and semi–furnished homes to make the process of shifting a convenient process. Our team takes care of renting and leasing and everything that revolves around it to make the process desirable and stress – free. We provide flats at affordable rates and when asked for, without any brokerage! No more hassles in trying to rent flats anymore.

The space is built on the virtues of honesty, reliability, trust and integrity. It functions on the same. Thus, it is a safe place for individuals who live away from home.

It is a home away from home.

Based on everything you are looking for,we provide leasing and renting services, through which you can get fully furnished residential spaces without brokerage. Here are the types of renting services available:
Shared Rooms: Shared,fully furnished spaces for boys and girls for convenient and easy accommodation.
Private Rooms: Fully furnished rooms for individuals who wish to stay privately.
Full House: Semi or fully furnished houses for families and couples with guaranteed safety and security precautions.
Leasing and Renting Services: Get fully furnished apartments or homes without brokerage!

Scroll through our gallery to get insights of what is it that you exactly need and can expect from us.
The location of your “to – be – home” is a splendid one. How? First of all, its direct connection to Delhi has transformed it into an economic centre, apart from providing comfortable residential space. Transportation and access to basic transportation facilities is yet another crucial need that should be met by your surroundings. One can easily avail shared cabs, autos and buses from this area.
Enjoy the ambience of areas in Gurgaon while living in your rented flat. You will surely not want to move out of these areas a few years down the line, if at all.
Contact us to know about many other similar and undeniable deals!

What We Offer?

Shared Room

Furnished room with shared
accommodation for boys and girls.

Private Room

Furnished room with shared
accommodation for boys and girls.

Full House

Semi/furnished houses for
family and singles.

Featured Homes

Sharma House

Sharma House Fully Furnished Independent House Near Sector 22A market.


Sharma House SF

Fully Furnished Independent House Near Sector 22A market


Ganga House SF

Fully Furnished Independent 1-BK Sector 20, Near Infospace, udyog vihar PH-1,2,3.


Jha House FF

Fully Furnished Independent 3BHK Near Sector 23 Market.


Sinha House

Fully Furnished Independent House Near Sector 23 market



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